Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Beach Again and Eating Out


OK said...

Did you eat the lamb shanks at Secret R?

ikan said...

bestnya jalan sana sini. enjoy it before you guys start working again!!!.
eh itu pantai dekat2 airport ker? i love the sutun goreng!!!

salam to mama sarah.

hiyoshi said...

Hey, I want to eat a Secret Recipe cake too!

pycnogenol said...

Lamb shanks at Secret R's the BEST!!!

mynn said...

you guys are all good at guessing the name of the restaurant, chit. i wanted to keep it a 'secret' - didn't want to give them free publicity, especially when i wasn't 100% impressed with the food!

unfortunately i went for the Japanese soba, my 2nd choice was the sea bass. it didn't even occur to me i should try the lamb. chit, i should have tried the lamb!

although we do occasionally bersantai & eat at the kedai near the airport, the ones in the photos are near batu rakit - were my parents live. had sotong goreng just last night - not good for gout you know.

the cake was a bit "pasty" lah.

will try it - next time. IF there is a next time.

ps - notice how my english has deteriorated by just being in malaysia a few months!

Zakiah said...

mynn, cake tu sugar free choc cake kan...baru makan semalam tapi i rasa i beli lagi today..sebab u punyer free promo nih

juwaidah said...

Nisak looked so young bila main pasir dengan the kids!! :)