Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I think I'm quite a rational guy, but I think I've discovered two Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) while taking pictures of Sarah this afternoon at the park.

These pictures were not edited in anyway except resizing them to 1024. Click the pictures to enlarge and look at the sky: (these pictures are a "burst" series, taken at 3 frames per second at 1/400 speed).

Look at the sky - except for clouds there are nothing else.

Look at the top left corner - there is a black sphere.

Top right - a white sphere. There is a black sphere to it's lower left.

Top right- The white sphere is now lower in the frame.

White sphere in top right.

The sphere(s) has disappeared.

100% crop of the white and black spheres.

The white sphere by itself.

alternate explanations welcomed.

Again, these photos were not manipulated, just resized to 1024. The speed at which these pictures were taken are really fast - less than 2 seconds for the whole set as I set the camera in "burst" mode at 3 frames per second. Each photo was taken at 1/400 seconds. In less than two seconds the objects "flew" in an arc across the frame - a huge distance of travel in real life. They are very fast!


dith said...


Did you notice the UFO only after you 've taken the pics or before?

raggedyanne said...

hmmm interesting. try googling "orbs" and read on the physics AND paranormal theories (though the latter is highly unlikely)

auntie de said...


looks like lint or pollen to me

don't it?

dyanna said...

Transformers kot: Starscream.

dyanna said...


it's also the base of Ayah Pin's fine bone china teapot ascending itself to 'kingdom of heaven'.

mynn said...

i realised the spots while reviewing the pictures on the PC. didn't see anything while taking the pictures at the park.

auntie de
i tend to agree - probably pollen since sarah was holding a flower. I say pollen as the objects are translucent. It's still an unidentified object though :p

uncle de thought it was a duck (a supersonic duck)

i don't understand your next statement at all - what could you possibly mean? perhaps i don't get it since i haven't seen kingdom of heaven yet.**

i tried googling as you said, and got "hoax".

** ooo i get it now. Nisa just explained what you mean. something about ajaran sesat and stuff. LOL.