Friday, June 08, 2007

Picnic Under the Sun at Coombe Abbey

Last weekend, we met up with D & family and Dina for a picnic at Coombe Abbey. We'd vaguely heard of Coombe Abbey a few times the past few years - but it was not until recently that Puan Mama Sarah suggested a visit to the 12th century monastery-turned-hotel.

We were pleasantly surprised: Coombe Abbey turned out to be extremely close by (how could we have missed this place, barely 15 minutes away, before?) and the area is perfect for picnics.

In the picture above the garden maze could be seen. The grass is off limits though so the maze is for decorative purposes only, I guess. That didn't stop Amar from running all over the grass (don't blame him, he still can't read).

Enjoying icecreams in the warm weather.

Setting up camp

The tent, completed.

The little ones were quite brave and went on a little adventure by themselves - exploring the various areas of the nature reservoir and trying to get glimpses of rabbits and squirrels.

Our little picnic. For lunch we had nasi lemak and various other things. I wish we stuck to our original plan of doing a BBQ but we were not sure if BBQs were allowed at the place.

The children getting together & dividing duck food we bought at the shop. Yup, the shop sold us specially made food for the ducks - probably the types that are healthy for them as it consisted of grains and what-nots.

Feeding the ducks: one thing about healthy foods as shown by the ducks - they don't necessarily taste very good.

Dina was kind enough to take pictures of Puan Mama Sarah and yours truly together. Behind-the-scenes Dina was directing us hither-thither. This must be Arep's influence.

... not seen in the picture above was that five seconds after the picture was taken the bike broke under my weight! whoops...

The obligatory "group jump" photo of the run & jump variety. Timing was way off for the rest of us but hey look who timed it perfectly? No other than the jumping veteran; Dina.

Here was Sarah upset with the rest of us for not getting drinks for herself (the concept of sharing is still hazy in her books) and Kak Lang was trying to make amends. Just look at that body language though.

Even I tried to bring Sarah back but was miserably rejected.

Failed negotiations.

Happy family

This is one of those informal group photos - most of our gang except yours truly and one of the twins are in the picture.


dith said...


can't help imagining you searching in vain for parks and gardens to picnic when you're back here! Coz the trend here is to fill any space and land with shopping malls, haha

mynn said...

i live quite near the beach in Terengganu so instead of strolls down parks I suppose we'll have to settle to walks by the beach & instead of cafes we'd be going to the warungs for keropok lekor, teh tarik etc2 - can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we're going back in August insya allah but I don't know where we'll be staying yet.

syahirah zain said...

hey. i thought the 1st pic is nice. what a lovely day that was, except for.. the bike broke? oh god, thats really funny haha. anyway, coming back in august yeh? oh thats very soon! how long have you been in UK?

mynn said...

not that i was implying i'm heavy - it's just that the bike is in bad shape :p

yeah, we're all going back in august insya allah after 11 years being here (around 20 years being in the UK in total).

raggedyanne said...

mynn, ikang goreng rangup2 tepi pantai! yummy!

hiyoshi said...

Maybe you should try getting one of those 'bonsai bikes'. I think they'll last longer :P

Or, you could always try losing some weight....*whistles*

mynn said...

yummm! i practically spent my youth by the beach and after SPM i used to hang out with my sister & brothers with their friends in warungs by the sea. those were the good times

what do you mean by bonsai bikes hiyoshi? never heard of em.

re: loosing weight, i am actually trying to gain - as long as the weight goes to the right places that is.

hiyoshi said...

No? Well simply put, bonsai bikes are just miniature bikes. The ones where you ride them and get a sore behind for the next couple of days.

And, pardon the question but....where is the right place for weight to go in an adult man?

mynn said...

oh, i see about that miniature bike.

regarding right place for weight to collect for a man, i meant not for fat to collect in the face or the abdomen.

muscle mass is also measured as weight gain in body builders so weight gain in the muscle areas would be a good thing, that's what i thought :)