Monday, June 18, 2007

A Stroll Around Coventry University

It's ironic that towards the end of our stay in Coventry, we keep discovering new and interesting places that we wished we knew about much earlier. The following pictures were taken of one of the many buildings of Coventry University located near but not quite in, the city centre.


raggedyanne said...

what lovely blue skies, and funny giant shadows!

dith said...

I think I know what Nisak was thinking when you took that pic of her facing back whilst sitting on the bench....

dyanna said...

Great pictures and I can't help but notice how clear, sharp and 'penuh dgn cahaya' the images are. Mmg kena pakai dslr ke utk dpt gambar yg macam tu?

mynn said...

Anne :)
the shadow picture is of puan mama sarah and yours truly. A family portrait if you will.

what do you thing nisak was thinking dith? please enlighten me :)

hm, i think buying a dslr helps but i bet you could do most of the pictures on just a point and shoot :) for example, i had trouble getting good pictures during the first few months of owning our 400D . I think, lighting & the direction of light, knowing the techniques, knowing how the camera "thinks" and composition are most important :)

(a dslr is a very expensive purchase as it doesn't just stop with the camera body - flash & additional lenses are compulsory - and could cost as much as the body, even more!)