Thursday, November 29, 2007

Upgraded to Version Three Point Oh (3.0)

It was my birthday a few days ago - quite a significant one at that (the hint is in the title).

I wasn't expecting much for my birthday. We were in Shah Alam at the time. My idea of how I wanted to celebrate my birthday was just the four of us - Mama Sarah, myself and the two little ones - enjoying an afternoon over coffee, cakes and desserts at a cafe somewhere; quiet and peaceful. Furthermore, I didn't think my in-laws were the birthday-celebrating type.

It was silly of me not noticing Mama Sarah was busy preparing for my birthday. She went to Tescos for some groceries and started preparing food before I even woke up that morning. "Along (my sister in-law) is coming tonight, so I'm cooking for her", was Mama Sarah's answer when she saw my puzzled expression seeing her cooking dinner at 10 am.

It was Sarah who let the cat out of the bag. "We are celebrating Babah's birthday tonight..." I guess Mama Sarah forgot to heed Along's advice to keep the children in the dark, as they would be the ones to break the secret!

Even so, Mama Sarah was still successful hiding the cake, presents and even the guests(!) until the very last moment. For the cake she said she didn't have time to buy one, and just made a trifle to compensate and for the guests she asked me to invite people she had already invited but asked not to inform me.


So, even though Sarah spoiled the surprise of my birthday being celebrated one day early, I was still surprised to see the guests, the presents and especially the cake. Mama Sarah is that good (and I am that gullible).

I was quite touched for everyone's effort - eventhough a quieter birthday would have been fine for me. I was even more touched when, while I was cutting the birthday cake with Sarah, she looked up at me and asked, "Babah happy tak?" as if she's asking "Babah, with the dinner that Mama Sarah had prepared from early hours of the morning, complete with desserts and the birthday cake that she'd bought and all the guests and the birthday card and all the presents - are you happy??"

I was too overwhelmed to answer her.

The food - everyone had chipped in. My inlaws went to all the trouble to find scallops, shellfish & Satay.

Enjoying the dinner Mama Sarah prepared from 10am.

The surprise birthday cake.

Cutting the birthday cake, with Sarah.

Amar grabbing his piece.

The presents.

Sarah was enthusiastic opening all the presents.

In terms of presents, everyone seemed to be psychic and new exactly what I wanted - a few polo shirts, socks, a watch, a clock (someone is hinting I should wake up earlier everyday, LOL)

Mama Sarah was probably hinting I should see a dentist.

A watch from Mama Sarah (I'd been moaning that my old one is damaged) - I didn't think Mama Sarah would actually buy me a new one.

My fourth and last brother, Adan, and Amar

There comes a point when we reach a certain age that each birthday makes you think of your date of expiry. I was instantly cured by what Adan said, that his girlfriend between Adan and I, Adan looks older - heh heh heh.


raggedyanne said...

seriously dude, you look no older than 13!

happy birthday!

maklang said...

hepi besday....

hiyoshi said... it three-point-oh or just three-oh?

Whatever it is, happy birthday!

OK said...

welkommen to ze club

mynn said...

Nisak says I act like a 13 year old but she's just jealous - haha!

thank you mak lang!!

one decade for each version's release! thank you for the birthday wish.

huuu, finally in the club. from now one I am not counting my birthdays anymore. Any birthday cakes from now on cannot have more than 3 candles

ajzie said...

Happy Birthday.. Mynn
Betul lah mcm raggedyanna kata! Nmpk muda belia...

D said...

Haaapppppyyy Birthday, Mynn... Count your blessings (not the candles) that you're 30. Others don't even have enough candles to put on the cake!!

dith said...


Happy birthday and many happy returns. Nisak is good with all these surprises eh. You're lucky dude!

Kak Elle said...

Happy belated birthday mynn...what's 30?but a number!!

My b'day cake probably has no room for all the candles according to my age....hahaha

mynn said...

you should have seen the disgusted look of the mid-wives when Mama Sarah and I were at the hospital to deliver Sarah. The mid wife had that "hmmph, another teenage pregnancy!" look. We were 26, then!

Thank you for the birthday wish! At first i was thinking of writing how miserable it was seeing our advancing age, but i came to senses and realised we should be grateful to Allah for every second that we have.

As long as she doesn't surprise me like she did with Sarah, dah! (that was a poor and tasteless joke, sorry)

Kak Elle
I already have a plan for Mama Sarah's birthday which is exactly a month (plus one) from mine. I am planning to put ALLLLLLLLLLL the candles on her cake so that it looks like a pincushion - muahahaha. (only joking bie, what was it, 18 right?)