Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tanjung Piai, Johor

Following are pictures of us at Tanjung Piai and Kampung Perpat taken during our not-so-recent trip around Johor visiting Mama Sarah's family. For those of us not so geographically inclined (that's me included!) Tanjung Piai is the southmost point of our Asian continent -- apparently. If some of you ask "what about India??" - that was also my question.

Anyhow, the signs around Tanjung Perpat kept reminding us it was the southern most point and who am I to argue?

[whoops, that's Puan Mama Sarah calling me for dinner -- this post should continue at a later date - if I get internet that is. sorry it's cut short!]

The ex-Johore Education minister was still concerning himself on our youths.


maklang said...

seronok jalan2 eh...

ikelah said...

nice collection..... wide angle belaka! gambar boats kat penambang/jetty tu memang menarik. last pic tu lens mana? ada rainbow kat bottom right corner.

juwaidah said...

ayu sungguh pn nisak dengan baju kurung ungu nya.... :)

hiyoshi said...

That picture with the globe in it...makes me feel as if Tanjung Piai is actually the end of the world rather than the "southmost point of our Asian continent". Something for the guys to think about the next time their lady partners ask the poor blokes to go there for them ;)

By the way, I'm the middle of my semester. In fact, my mid sem exams are in about a month. Talk about how time flies.

raggedyanne said...

it's always been my mother's dream to go for a holiday in tg piai, that inadvertently it has become my dream too!

thanks for sharing these wonderful pics with people who are holed up at work like me :)

mynn said...

awalnya maklang tulis kat sini. i was still typing the entry and saw you had already commented.

salams! i am loving my wide angle lens more and more nowadays. after all, in national geographic they seem to really prefer wide angle. i like the ability of wide angle to get extremely close to the action and make it look a lot more dramatic :) the last picture of that monkey was taken with the L lens (sbb monyet tu jauh). nowadays i try to mix it up a bit by using ALL my lenses on a shoot - for more variety of style in the pictures.

kembang mama sarah!

that globe shows a map of the world showing malaysia pointing well below india (and the rest of the asian continent), you know, kind of a "you are here" map :)

why keep it as a dream, make your dream come true lah and come south - apa lah anne ni. On the way south do pay us a visit :) kan?????

Zakiah said...

wah wah wah...cuti abis la u all ni. Hebat la kak nisak siap pakai baju kurung tuh....kaler purple lagi

dith said...


Of course Tj Piai is the southern most tip of land of the Asia continent! It's even more South than any part of India. Check your Atlas, hehe

Mynn, you've covered more part of Malaysia in a short span of time than i have in my lifetime! Popaleh betul! hehe

ajzie said...

adusssssssss saya pun lum pernah kemari.. padahal duduk dekat juga nih...

Ehh napa tak singgah Nisak? Ajzie ada call masa tuh tau..

mynn said...

salams. we did mention your name a few times while in johor and had we time we would have visited - we only stayed over for one night and gave johor a whirlwind tour - we couldn't even see 50% of who we intended to visit in johor in the first place. insya allah will be visiting johor again in the future & we'll be sure to visit you then insya allah!

it's a running joke at our house* of my geographic (lack-of) knowledge. i didn't even take geography for SPM and medical school didn't have a geography module ... hahaha :)

what does popaleh mean??

regarding visiting malaysia - it seems we are not done yet haha, apparently there are plans to go to genting tomorrow. as you can see i am just following the direction that the wind blows.

* nisak's father was a geography teacher, hence them making fun of me.

sementara still looking for work ni baik jalan dulu puas2 kan? hey, i've always wondered - are you guys missing dubai?

pycnogenol said...

Mynn, I'm back in business. In a way, I have to thank you for that. Come read my latest entry to understand why. Ada lagi ke udang galah kat rumah?

Channel 11.5 said...

cool pix you have here. I blog hopping ni, noted you comment kat my blog sometime last year.

tanjung piai??? hmm.. interesting!

Zakiah said...

no..not at all!!. Heheheh. Sket ajerla tapi rindu i kat makan nmakan mengatasi segalanya!!!