Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary in Dubai

Salams everyone. We've made it safely back to Malaysia. Thank goodness I do have an internet connection, although not very fast the connection is still adequate. Before I post about anything in Malaysia in my future posts, first let me tell you about our small excursion to Dubai.

Nisa planned our tip to Dubai for quite a few reasons:

1. To break up the 14 hour flight back to Malaysia into two equal parts in the hopes that it would be less stressful for the children.

2. To slowly acclimatise the children to jet lag.

3. To hyper-suffuse us with heat in Dubai - so that the heat in Malaysia would seem nothing

4. Shopping, of course ... and

5. Most importantly - to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary :)

It was excellent that in Dubai, we got to meet yet more blog friends. You guys may know them from Fly Me to the Padang Pasir. (an excellent and very funny blog). To be honest, I didn't know what to expect of them, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised that they were both EXCELLENT hosts and really222 took good care of us - thank you Zakiah and Mr Anon!!! We really can't thank them enough for all their troubles. Hopefully we had made as good an impression as they had on us.
Unfortunately our stay in Dubai was extremely short - only 2 days or so, and disappointingly I didn't really get to do much shopping in the supposedly "electronics heaven" as some people would call Dubai. I can attest that the prices of quite a few things there are cheap and that the buildings are cutting-edge and an architect's ...urm... dream come true (original description deleted).
If you guys would like to gaze at some more pictures of Dubai, plus written commentaries, do click here: My Facebook Album (Facebook account or registration not required).


dith said...

Happy anniversary to both of you! SO where are you now?

Zakiah said...

alamak malu ler...don;t mention it!.Seronok to have u, kak nisak, sarah and amar as our guests. Sorry la tak dapat bawak u all jalan jalan on Sunday.Tapi hopefully u guys had a great time though ada few 'incidents' to make your trip 'more' memorable. Heheheh. Salam to kak nisak. Hugs and kisses to sarah and amar. Hopefully semua sihat sihat ajer.

raggedyanne said...

welcome home!

syahirah zain said...

wow!!! Dubai yeh? what a great way to celebrate ur 7th anniversary. Happy anniversary anyway, and welcome home! :D

p/s: if ure around putrajaya at the moment, u should really go to the firework competition. if x silap, ade stiap mlm until early september.

dyanna said...

Just in time to celebrate the big Five-O.

hiyoshi said...

Your homecoming was so under the radar that I still can't detect your presence from where I am sitting right now.

Welcome back anyway :)

Izhal said...

7 years... tahniah!

ahnali said...

a belated wish~

happy anniversary ^o^v

mynn said...

as you probably know by know as I called Ikelah earlier i am in malaysia now. I wished I contacted you earlier, I actually wanted to meet your daughters before you sent them to russia, now I have to wait a year :( would love to meet up with you and ikelah soon.

it was fun in dubai -- despite the heat! thank you so much again. looking forward to seeing you guys in malaysia :)

macamana nak contact you huh anne? please sms me with your number, mine is 017 36000157.

i wanted to go to putra jaya to watch the fireworks but the road was jammed kilometres away even from the toll booth. i'm itching to take photos of putra jaya.

what do you mean five-oh?? I'm not even three-oh yet.

only joking, i know what you mean.

i am suppressing my Youma energy (do you read the manga Claymore? - it's EXCELLENT. the anime is also excellent) for efficient release of my power during combat and to avoid detection. heh heh. hey, when are we meeting up man? say my salams to Leni if she's still around.

thank you, thank you

hey thank you!

diyana said...

50thn merdeka-LAH!

D said...

OhoHO!!! What's the exact anniversary date? We share the same month, but ours is the 11th year already! Pandai betul Nisak plan out the trip yea..