Thursday, September 16, 2010

LED Maglite 2AA

A well constructed torch light with an LED bulb producing bright, white light and more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. Apart from wanting to use it in dark situations, I initially wanted to use the Maglite for pupils examination. In the end however, I found the light to be to bright and irritant to the eye for practical use. It has 4 modes: 100% brightness, 25% brightness, SOS and strobe. Overall, an excellent torch light for adventures in the dark!


Jamil said...

Imagine my surprise when I went to Dyanna's blog and saw that your name was right up there on the recently updated blogs!

Love the pictures, by the way. You're making good use of that 550D aren't you?

mynn said...

Thanks! I know it's been a long while since I've updated I really dunno if anyone even blogs anymore what with twitter and facebook and all :)

intan said...

tgh belajar buat side stroke ke??